Why Water Over Soda?

In today's day and and age one of the most important components to a healthy lifestyle is largely overlooked and replaced with high levels of many various sport drinks, soft drinks, aspartame, ascesulfame, high fructose corn syrup, energy drinks, concentrated fruit juice, hot drinks, 'muscle milks', you name it. Sure water is a component of all of these, but how much water are you actually getting in comparison to how much water your body actually needs on a daily basis and what are you sacrificing for the flavors you crave that would have you pop a can of soda over filling a cup with pure, fresh, nature created water? 

"Soda is not healthy" we've all heard this before and yet it isn't enough to stop the majority of the world from turning a blind eye.

I'm going to break it down for you, health benefits of water vs. health benefits of soda.. or lack there of. You can be informed for next time you are faced with the choice, soda or water, and know what you are choosing and why.

Now, I am a sugar monster.. I struggle on a daily basis not to cram my face with every sweet thing that comes within a quarter mile of me. Basically, I see it, even the sign of it, and I want it. Bad. Now! It has been a serious struggle for me to step back and choose 'no'. 

So I'm sending you love and compassion and STRENGTH for the next time you see, water vs. soda as a choice and you want with everything in you to choose the soda.. I'm your invisible cheer leader! Seriously, if I can back away from sweets and chose the healthier route.. I promise you, anyone can! 

***BONUS***Did you know a cup of water can kick basically any sugar craving that comes your way???? TRUTH! I do it all the time. Helps so much!

Ok.. So lets start with the health benefits of soda...*crickets* ... ok so there are not any health benefits.. how about just the benefits of soda: 

1. Carbonation in soda can sometimes settle an upset tummy.. I wont lie.. It has worked for me. 

2. Carbonation (carbonated water) has been effective for some people with constipation. .. Don't let this be your 'why' I can name two dozen natural ways to relieve constipation.

 3. Some say soda has the ability to offer hydration in the body, so worse case scenario, soda may help with hydration if in a pinch. Use caution though, Soda also can dehydrate the body if consumed in place of water and over a long period of time can actually cause medical dehydration. 

Now lets look at what you gain freedom from by choosing to say 'No' to Soda. 

Soda has 10 teaspoons of sugar per can!

That is like taking a cereal spoon to a bag of sugar and cramming your mouth full 10 times! Sugar is one of the biggest causes of weight gain in individuals. 

Soda can cause Osteoporosis.

I know.. we don't want to think about age and ever getting things like osteoporosis, but the truth of the matter is that we eat today for tomorrow. Be responsible today so you can be healthy tomorrow. 

Soda softens the bones in your body making them more brittle and brittle bones lead to osteoporosis. 

Soda causes weight gain

Studies show that children who consume soda on a regular basis are much more likely to grow up and be obese than children that do not. It actually interferes with their genetic makeup causing a significant increase in the chance they will be obese as adults

Diet Sodas are not exempt from this! In a study of individuals over a 10 year period that drank diet soda on a daily basis expanded their waist line by 70% also those that consumed diet soda more than two times a day noticed over a 500% increase to their waist line! 

Soda accelerates aging

Regular and diet sodas contain phosphates that accelerate aging in the body. A research, looking at 5300 individuals between 20-65, showed that those who drank an 8 oz of soda a day had a 1.9 year increase of aging. Those that drink 20 oz of soda a day had a remarkable 4.6 year increase of aging! 

If that's not enough to convince you, there is a much higher risk of heart disease, kidney damage, tooth decay, diabetes, heart burn, hypertension, digestion problems, many cancers, hormone imbalance and then of course the unknown side affects of long term GMO which is a key ingredient of almost every soda because of the corn. 

Ok, now how about the health benefits of water??

First, lets look at the suggested intake of water per person. You can almost not over do it with water but a good guide to go off is 1/2 oz-1 oz of water per pound of body weight. So I weigh 130, making 65oz - 130 oz the suggested water intake, depending on how active I am or how hot or cold the day may be. Higher on the scale if its hot, lower on that scale if its cold or if your more stationary that day. 

The health benefits of water are obvious in some ways, hydrating the body, not dying.. bust some of the other health benefits may not be so obvious. 

Water helps with stress

Water can help prevent stress in the body by keeping your brain hydrated. When the brain gets dehydrated it triggers stress in your body so keeping yourself hydrated during the day can really help you get through the day. Keep in mind, if you're thirsty, then your already partially hydrated. Try to drink water regularly to prevent dehydration.

Water helps with weight loss

Water helps stimulate metabolism and help you feel full. When trying to lose weight, this can make a huge difference on your success. I've heard the drinking a glass of water before a meal can help you lose extra weight as well. Cold water vs. room temperature water can help you lose a few extra calories as well because your body has to go to work to warm up the water in your body for digestion. 

While losing weight and toning the body, water helps to prevent cramping in the muscles and lubricate the joints, allowing you to work out longer before hitting your limits. 

Water for younger skin

When your skin is healthy and hydrated the lines and wrinkles of the face are not as visible. So Keep yourself hydrated and enjoy the extra benefit of youth. 

Water also helps to clear out impurities and improve blood circulation in the body and helping your skin to glow.

Water Helps with constipation

Water helps to flush waste from the body. If you are not drinking enough water then your body will absorb what it needs, leaving your bowels dry which in turn makes it difficult to remove the waste from your bowels.

 If you are constipated, look at how much water you are drinking and choose if adding more water to your diet might make a difference in more comfortable bowel movements.

Water helps prevent kidney stones

When your body has enough water, your body can dilute the minerals and salts in the kidneys that could potentially form crystals in your body causing kidney stones. 

Enjoy low risk of kidney stones by keeping your body hydrated. 

Additional health benefits of drinking water:

Headache relief, Digestion, Concentration, Temperature regulation, Physical performance and Cleansing toxins form the body, PH Balance, Backaches from lower spine, Breathing, Gastrisis, Ulcers, Cardiovascular disease, Rheumatoid arthritis and I'm sure there are many more!

Extra Support

Water makes a huge difference and we know that sometimes we need additional support. Check out our kidney/bladder formula which is great for extra support as well as our many other items such as staph/strep formula, anti-viral, diaebt ease, and more. 








We at Secret Garden of Health and Healing are not doctors. Contact your physician before adding any new supplement to your diet. 

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