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Doris Kunz

Doris  Kunz, has been making formulas and salves since 1988.  Being raised in a family who understood the value of natural healing vs. pharmaceuticals, she desired to have a better understanding of alternative healing modalities, especially herbs, to care for her growing family and support their optimal health.  She is well trained and experienced in herbal formulas and survival skills.

Doris created Secret Garden of Health and Healing in 2011, after realizing how many people’s lives she touched with her unique understanding of the plants, with the powerful, inspired, healing formulas, and her love of service to others.  She has a gift of listening to what people need, and with her understanding of the plants and the power of prayer, she seems to consistently come up with just the right formula.  Then, her insight, her experience, and the feedback she gets from her clients, expand the reach of her unique formulas to a wider range of uses than she had imagined.

Doris’s passion for her healing formulas is rooted in the foundation of her passion for the joy of family gatherings.  Her service to others is extended to giving senior citizens an outing, and donating to Native American schools, and Paralyzed Veterans of America, and much more.  Her favorite downtime activities include visiting her children and grandchildren, “feel good” movies, books, and making a favorite meal.



Shaleece Broadbent

Shaleece is happy to assist you in using essential oils in your everyday life. She is certified in the AromaTouch technique, a simple step-by-step method of applying essential oils topically to produce a profound whole-body wellness experience. The Aroma Touch Technique helps with stress management, immune support, autonomic balance, toxic release, inflammation, and general toning at the cell level.






Our vision:

Doris and Shaleece began Secret Garden of Health and Healing with a vision in mind. To provide the world with herbal health where the purest of healing can occur. Shaleece recognized the sickening amount of side effects that commonly came with the healing medicines of the world today and was passionate to create a world where we have a choice. Doris Kunz shared this vision with Shaleece and had already been sharing herbal knowledge with the community around her for many years. Together they are bringing their dream alive of sharing Natural healing, packed full of side benefits that are Pure and Simple, the way it should be.

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